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    Wheat Gold Tablets

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    Enriched with Wheat Grass Powder , Arjuna , Punarnava , Gokshur, Varun , Giloy , Aloe Vera , Amla , Tulsi.

    It is enriched with vitamin A, B 12, C, E, Protein, Amino Acid, emzymes, minerals (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and selenium). Wheat Gold is more energetic compared to milk, egg, ghee, almond and nutritious food. It is the Panacea medicine to remove the weakness of old age. Wheat Grass present in Wheat Gold Tablet is particularly high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is known as “Green Blood” as it is the first product which contains more healthy properties than any other element. Chlorophyll also carries high level of oxygen which is especially powerful in assisting the body to restore abnormalities. Wheat Gold fulfills the requirement of iron, calcium deficiency during pregnancy. Wheat Gold is a rich source of high vibrant energy and intake of Wheat Gold Tablets can potentially unleash powerful renewing vibration and greater connectivity to one’s its being. Regular intake of Wheat Gold tablet provides relief from arthritis, paralysis, diabetes, asthma, blood disorders, cataract, insomnia, pandu, skin allergy, menstrual disorders, hair falling, leucorrhoea, obesity, common cold, jaundice, piles, ulcers, hands and feet cracking, heart diseases, cholesterol, weakness, fatigue, digestive disorders such as gastric, acidity, constipation, indigestion. Prevents from Calculus diseases and fixes the problem of puberty. Consumption of Wheat Gold purifies blood, increases platelets and hemoglobin. Very effective for anemia and thalassemia. Its regular use helps to get rid of chronic disease such as cancer. Removes whole wastage out from the body naturally.

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